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2014 – “Viaggio in terra di Siena”

2014 – “Viaggio in terra di Siena”

Collective exhibition on the occasion of the Eroica 2014.

Davide Dall’Osso, born in Pesaro, he lives and works in Milan, Italy. He graduate d as a theatre actor at the Civic School of Dramatic Art “Paolo Grassi” in Milan. The passion for theatre, dance and the visual arts led him immediately to choose the contamination of languages. The material research, moves parallel to the creation. The artist has an “instinctive figurative ability “, which leads him right away to make human and animal figures in full size. It is the figure of the horse to hit his expressiveness in a special way. In the strong physica­lity of the horse the artist acknowledges the “spiritual impulses” of the man of his time. The first horses are made of clay and resin, and it is during this process that the artist makes a first step towards the search for new materials. The structures that support the clay are a real ske­leton made with rods, iron wire and wire mesh. By this time, towards the end of the nineties, he began the construction of large horses in wire, completely hand-woven. Oxide and rust recall, however, that they exude an inevitable mortality. The fusion over metals and, subsequently, over clay of plastics such as methacrylates and polycarbonates from industrial waste, allows him to suspend in the air transparent figu­res to which the light, hitting and crossing them, gives a constant state of metamorpho­sis.

“Cavallo battaglia”, 2014 – iron, polycarbonate and resin cm. 80x70x20

“Al sorgere”, 2010 – fusion of polycarbonate cm. 180x230x50

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