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2017 – “Mani come Rami”

2017 – “Mani come Rami”

Personal exhibition of Lorenzo Cazzaniga, “Mani come Rami”.

“Lorenzo Cazzaniga was born in 1979. He obtained his certificate in arts of advertising graphics. Then, he joined the Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated with highest honours with a thesis about the painting “OF SIGN” and “OF LIGHT” in the contemporary art. He has been carrying out his artistic work since 1999 and his versatile personality has always pushed him to experiment his art in the fields of letterpress, graphics and artistic press, design, painting and sculpture.

The artist painted on paper as well as using sand and powder. He also designed glazed pottery, laser-cut iron works, polychrome glass sculptures. He designed art works and advertising campaigns for various companies as well as obtained many awards in the artistic field.

He took part to both collective and personal art shows in Italian and European cities.

He has been working as an Art and Graphic teacher in arts schools.

In 2016 he designed the graphics of a shoe for an international famous brand. He lives and works in Sovico, near Milan.

The poetry of nature is revealed in Lorenzo Cazzaniga’s works of art in a ritual which takes the emotions of the memories with itself. It is a work originated from effort, sweat and tears and technical complexity of working with material which acquires various meanings. Branches and roots in symbiosis, linked from the trunk and looking for a bond between sky and land.

Iron… Glass… Different results but one soul: the artist’s soul. The artist creates and shapes not leaving anything to chance. A gesture which is both memory and ceremony on the altar of their marriage vows: Lorenzo and Sabrina’s wedding, which took place here in Siena 10 years ago.

Ten years, as ten are the manufactured trees.

They are not ordinary trees but olive trees. They contain the origin of living together, a promise that goes beyond the obvious substance, maybe perceived at first, of the works. Each tree is one year, a step of a path of growth, welcoming, dispute, joy and unpredicted events.

The roots, which belong to the land, are torn off but not severed. They reveal the spirit of belonging to a place, moral solidity but also changes , trips, unavoidable separation from beloved people.

Roots as feet which make the trunk strong while supporting its weight of suffering and pain.

Lorenzo shaped it firm and strong or sometimes gaunt as an act of sacrifice. United into their difference to meet the feeling of an artist who comes into contact with his works.

Branches as hands who manufacture, encourage, tighten and give.

They raise towards the sky to thank as well as to come into contact and join it while becoming light

blue. The olive tree is the mirror of the human being, human soul and mystic inside each person. The leaves, which are made of iron, are soft and carefully shaped by the artist who knows how to infuse emotions. They looked like being lightly touched by soft clouds which transformed them into spirit. The trunks fight against wild wind. They twist and bend but they do not let anything tear down them. Then, the branches are touched by the light which makes olives shine.

Those golden olives appear as precious cloaks which recall the unique life itself and the medieval art tradition of Siena. Lorenzo weaves branches and roots as communication channels till meeting the precious masterpieces of artists like Duccio, Simone Martini, Pietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti.

It is a homage to the land which hosts his works, another way to enhance the artist’s harmony with this city, which offered him different feelings, sometimes antipodes. These feelings could fill his heart with emotion and melancholy with the hope that these olives may continue to sprout up.

The same innate energy belongs to the works made of glass, which concern the same topic and are displayed in the art gallery.

As the fruit of the squeezed olive pours slowly, glass, which is poured into the mould, fills the nooks and acquires different shapes. It is a continuous change modulated also by the artist who, in his role of creator, gives dignity and shape the sheet as an excellent ancient artisan. Branches are shaped, coloured and reflect. And they keep their original transparency allowing people looking inside their deep part.

This is an act of revelation and regeneration which is well told by Lorenzo. A clearness which allow the breath of a rare sensitivity, which links sand and drops of tears, seep in. It is an act of love towards who is here and who is not here anymore:

“Life is so big that when you are at death’s door, you’ll plant an olive tree and you’ll be thinking to see it bloom” (Roberto Vecchioni)”

“Abbraccio”, ferro e smalto cm. 37 x 27 x 48 – 2017

“Attesa”, iron and enamel cm. 47 x 40 x 54 – 2017

“Carezza”, iron and enamel cm. 55 x 52 x 55 – 2017

“Incontro”, iron and enamel cm. 52 x 34 x 55 – 2017

“Respiro”, iron and enamel cm. 30 x 15 x 20 – 2017

“Riflesso”, iron and enamel cm. 55 x 46 x 55 – 2017

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