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2017 – “Protocollo equino”

2017 – “Protocollo equino”

Personal exhibition of Massimo Stecchi, “Protocollo equino”.

Massimo Stecchi was born in Siena in 1954 where he lives and works. He has participated in many personal and group exhibitions and his works are present in important public and private collections.

In his paintings there are frequent figures, often monumental that fill the space of the canvas. In more recent works we find the theme of the Palio and the eternal reproduction of it, that the painter expresses through the details of the “Corteo Storico”: ethereal and solid figures that proudly represent the complex universe of Siena.

Another subject are the angels, recently explored by the artist, which are made up on a fund barely visible, to give greater emphasis to their physicality: creatures not untouchable, but real musicians drawn by main lines and energetic colours.

For many years now the Siena Municipal Administration has felt the need to implement a series of initiatives to protect the horses involved in the Campo to run the Palio.
It has therefore sought to improve internal rules and procedures, to raise awareness of the workmen and the Sienese in general, already traditionally close to the theme of welfare and the protection of these animals, to translate all possible suggestions and novelties into the matter.

In 1999, the Horses’ Board was set up and these specially trained to run on the Campo. This is what, even now, through the yearly renewal, appears to be the most articulate and meaningful intervention. Through this project it was intended to select the horses with characteristics corresponding to the biometric parameters considered optimal for the commitment to be addressed.

The exhibition “Protocollo equino” is dedicated to the horse, symbol of freedom, intelligence and strength. Its versatility has allowed man a constant used in many activities. Its wild nature does not go off, but it remains an integral part of his soul and his character.

The horse is a constant presence in the history of civilization, has accompanied the man in the fundamental stages of social evolution, an animal that appeals to everyone, because it symbolizes honesty, diligence, trust, and hope of victory … is able to bring burdens and gallop.

Some works in the exhibition represent a winged horse, who descend from the pair of Etruscan winged horses kept in Tarquinia,  gets up in the wind, bringing with them their origin, as happens on a journey.

The vitality and strength of the horse, combined with the ability to fly and then break free from the weight of gravity make it a symbol of the spiritual life of thought and inspiration that rises indomitable, regardless of any terrain obstacle.


“Protocollo equino”, 2015 – mixed media on canvas cm. 30 x 40

“Protocollo equino”, 2017 – mixed media on canvas cm. 100 x 80

“Protocollo equino” 2, mixed media on canvas cm. 80 x 60

painted on leather

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