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2018 – “It’s time to start listening”

2018 – “It’s time to start listening”

Personal exhibition of Davide Dall’Osso, “It’s time to start listening””

Inauguration on Saturday 3 March at 5.00 pm

EXHIBITION PERIOD:  from March 4th to March 18th 2018

EXHIBITION SITE:        Galleria “Cesare Olmastroni” Palazzo Patrizi, Siena

Hours 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm every day

The Association Senesi nel mondo inaugurates in collaboration with the Biale Cerruti Art Gallery on Saturday 3 March 2018 at 5.00 pm in the “Cesare Olmastroni” Gallery at Palazzo Patrizi in Siena the personal exhibition of Davide Dall’Osso, entitled “It’s time to start listening” ”, curated by Maurizio Vanni. The exhibition, promoted and sponsored by the Comune di Siena, is included in the FestivalSiena Città Aperta and will remain open to the public, free entry, until 18 March 2018.

The motivation that led to the realization of the exhibition “It’s time to start listening”” stems from the need to “make an appeal to remedy this existential condition of uncertainty and torment, which has led men and women to the threshold of a sterile conflict and self-destructive. ” An appeal that the sculptor addresses to each of us, because only by listening, “making silence within himself”, men and women will be able to begin to recognize each other, to meet again.

This exhibition is a first step by Davide Dall’Osso on this reflection, “agitated reflection” that the artist addresses to all men and women of his time. The works that make up the exhibition path created through the metamorphic transparencies of polycarbonate castings or material amalgams of iron and cement, tell of that primordial female energy that pervades humanity and that is the foundation of the nature of each individual.

“Dall’Osso’s sculptures – underlines the curator of the exhibition Maurizio Vanni – are always projected in a specific direction, always looking for a reason to exist in the organization of space and in the relationship with light. They enhance a state of momentary visual liquidity to accentuate a slow and constant movement. Everything is silent, but at the same time a silent, liberating and ritual cry is intercepted, which breaks the walls of the muffled prisons of our existences “.

“Ventocontro” cm. 70x84x48 fusion of polycarbonate – 2017

“Ventocontro”, fusion of polycarbonate cm. 90x200x110 – 2017

“Del mal d’amore”, fusion of polycarbonate – 2018

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