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Art Gallery Biale Cerruti in Siena, Contemporary and Modern Art

Since 2007 Biale Cerruti Art Gallery was directed by Irina Biale.

During these years, the Gallery has worked to foster an aesthetic debate, to re-engage art with life, to promote knowledge of the contemporary, to discover new talents. Exhibition after exhibition, artist after artist, a small window on modern and contemporary art was offered in Siena. While remaining faithful to the initial program, the Gallery has sought to capture the changes in art, and perhaps this is one of the characteristics that has favored its longevity, that is, the ability to keep faith with the original assumptions by continually renewing itself.

From January 2020 Irina’s daughter Elena Violetti took over the management who, after classical studies, attending the Faculty of Art History in Siena, aims for the next few years to host exhibitions of artists from different orientations with the aim of researching the continuous renewal and defense of freedom of expression. The years spent for the Biale Cerruti Art Gallery mean important and numerous goals behind them but above all many projects for the future to be carried out with the same enthusiasm of the first day.


The Biale Cerruti Art Gallery was born in Siena in 1997 from the collaboration of Edgardo Cerruti and Irina Biale.

The inaugural exhibition, featuring the French artist Arman, summarizes the program of the gallery and traces the path on which the two partners set out.
The following year, after setting up exhibitions involving artists such as Alain Bonnefoit, Mark Kostabi and Ugo Nespolo, a collective exhibition was organized entitled: “The horse in art”, a tribute to the city of Siena, world famous also for the Palio. For the exhibition, works by Massimo Campigli, Marc Chagall, Primo Conti, Mino Maccari, Marino Marini, Andrè Masson, Salvatore Messina, Pablo Picasso, Mario Schifano, Tano Festa, Zoran Music and others are selected. An important event one year after opening.


Over the years the Gallery of Art Siena Biale Cerruti has tried to maintain its own cultural line

promoting contemporary images, also expressed through a modern figurative, creating a precise identity through targeted artistic choices. In a city anchored to the past and to tradition, the birth of a gallery is a necessity to dare confrontation, to favor a debate, to make culture.
On 12 April 2003 the headquarters moved, again to Siena, in via di Città 111, a stone’s throw from the Duomo and the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala.
The new space allows you to set up high-profile exhibitions, both in painting and sculpture, involving artists such as Arman, Fabio Calvetti, Bruno Lucchi, Alì Hassoun, Roberto Altmann, Claudio Missagia. Giorgio Moiso, Fathi Hassan and Salvo. In June 2007 a personal exhibition of the Ligurian artist Giuliano Tomaino entitled “Italo’s house” was set up. The Tomaino exhibition is for the Gallery the moment of connection between the past ten years and the future, it is the starting point for telling a journey in the making.

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