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2018 – “A journey A/R”

2018 – “A journey A/R”

Eventi 2018 - Un viaggio A/R

Personal exhibition of Massimo Stecchi – “A journey A/R”

Opening Thursday 11 October at 17.30

PERIOD:                from 11 October to 29 October 2018

SITE:                      Cesare Olmastroni Art Gallery, Palazzo Patrizi, Siena

opening hours: everyday 11.30 am – 6.30 pm, free entry


Comune di Siena inaugurates in collaboration with the Biale Cerruti Art Gallery, on Thursday 11 October at 17.30 in the “Cesare Olmastroni” Art Gallery at Palazzo Patrizi in Siena, the personal exhibition of Massimo Stecchi entitled “A journey A/R”, curated by Duccio Benocci. The exhibition, promoted and sponsored by Comune di Siena, is included in the Project Arte Siena and and will remain visible to the public, with free admission, until 29 October 2018.

“Within this art exhibit, Massimo Stecchi shows a mature synthesis of his long artistic experience. He gets inspiration from the illustrious Sienese art, taking the best from its tradition and projecting it into contemporaneity. His drawing’s stroke bursts like an engrave into the blue surfaces of frescoes’ lapis lazuli, scratching and removing, in order to reach a desired and cultivated minimalist essence. I often visited his studio, immersed in the Sienese countryside where he has been living for many years. I have always thought  of him as a sensitive poet  with a gentle and deep soul. In his last artworks, he was encouraged by his humanity to question himself about the tragedy of migrants. His pietas originates from the Sienese paintings but it is absorbed and proposed in his own original and unique way. Massimo Stecchi always manages to be amazed and amaze us. His essential figures bring our souls into an imaginary world where a woman, a baby, a cloth or a horse become idea, changing into dense and light archetypes.

Ali Hassoun Milan August 3rd, 2018

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